Feed your Soul with dance

Steampunk -The Ladies of Arabella and Rose

In 2013, The Ladies of Arabella and Rose formed under the artistic direction of Elizabeth Copeland and became San Antonio's first (and as far as we know, only) steampunk troupe. LOAR blends can-can, waltz, petticoats, parasols, and irreverent comedy into a wonderfully wicked vaudevillian experience! In their inaugural year, LOAR have been featured performers at Aeolo Expo (Marshall, TX -2103); Monster Con (San Antonio, TX-2013); and Weird West Fest (Giddings, TX-2013 & 2014). Lady Des' can-can inspired routine "Bon Vent" was featured as part of the World Dance Showcase 2013 in San Marcos, TX.

The legend of the LOAR begins in the now ghost-town of Terlingua, Texas. In the 1890s, cinnabar and quicksilver were discovered and a mining boon-town grew over-night. Arabella and Rose, the twin daughters of a robber-baron, capitalized on the loneliness and boredom of the men-folk and opened the Dusty Rose Saloon with the LOAR review. What no one ever considered was the mine would eventually run dry and LOAR would be forced to travel for their dinner.


 Each dancer in LOAR has her own sob-story. Lil' Lady Des is no different. Lil' Lady Des is the product of an ill-fated love story between Rev. Zebulon Smith and Lola, a dancer in a traveling carnival. Lola attended the good reverend's nightly rival. The crusade for Lola's soul became a courtship and marriage. Sadly, Lola died in a  stagecoach accident leaving the good Rev. Smith to raise their daughter alone. Seeking solace in a good bottle, instead of the Good Book, Rev. Smith and his  daughter came to be the Dusty Rose Saloon's best customers. Taking pity of the hapless duo, the Sisters raised Lil' Lady Des while she worked off her father's drinking debts - making her the first LOAR, barker, and saloon-bouncer.