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Bellydance & Ethnic-Folk Dance


Lady Des is a professionally trained dancer with over 30 years dance experience. If you read the About page, you already knew that. Lady Des is most known for her performance and study of Middle Eastern Bellydance and Ethnic-folk dance. Her study in bellydance began in college with a semester project for health/wellness and developed into a life-long passion. She has had the honor and pleasure studying and performing with Dance Master, Karen Barbee, and her Karavan Studio since 1998. She also wrote for the studio newsletter, Eye to Eye. From 2008 to 2011, she performed with and taught folkloric Khaliji dance with Cindy Cash, and her Sirocco Studio. In 2013, Lady Des founded and edited the quarterly newsletter, The Shimmy, for the San Antonio Bellydance Association. Currently, Lady Des is developing San Antonio's first Middle Eastern Folkloric Dance Ensemble with emphasis on the dances of the Saidii, Tunisian, Bedouin, Khaliji, and other tribal cultures. Her advanced level training includes workshops with Bellydance SuperStars - Ansuya and April Rose; Dancer Masters - Silvia Salamanca and Mia Sha'uri; American Bellydance Legends - Amaya and Sahra Saeedra; and countless of upcoming dance stars!

Lady Des can be found periodically guest performing at the 1st Friday Mediterranean Night by Jamie Lynn Shelton


EuroCafe ~ 350 N. Guadalupe #130 ~ San Marcos, Texas