Lady Desiree, or Lady Des as everyone calls her, is more than "just a dancer." She is a proud San Antonio native and member of several dance troupes and dance-related associations.  Dancing since she was in diapers, Lady Desiree has over 30 years in dance experience. -Yes. She is a vampire and older than she looks.- Lady Des has experience in ballet, tap/jazz, hip-hop, Spanish Flamenco/Mexican Folklorico, ballroom, Bellydance, Dabke, and VSF. According to her parents, "that girl's some dancin' fool!"

When not dancing, she is holding down a "real job," fighting crime as a Probation Officer. Lady Des holds BAs in Sociology and Psychology. Not to mention, advanced course work in drug counseling, defensive tactics, and verbal judo. One day, she will finish her last semester for her third BA in History and become the coolest History Teacher Ever!  Or maybe she will open her own Armory, selling the toys she likes to "play" with: knives, daggers, and swords!



Feed your Soul with dance